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LBA group: 35 years of innovation in perimeter security products. We have valued our customers’ opinions for 35 years in an effort to constantly adapt our products to their needs, whilst keeping them simple and easy to use.

Establishing La Barrière Automatique
Georges Harhoura started this family adventure and set up the foundation for La Barrière Automatique in 1984, when the first lane-closing barriers were designed and built. Based in Pierre Bénite (in the Lyon region), the then team of 5 was in charge of production, administration, product development and technical documentation. A team already versatile!
The 90s
Developing the barrier range
The company expanded over the years, the team grew and the company’s reputation grew stronger in the Rhône-Alpes region. The range was then expanded with new models of perimeter protection barriers. The chemical and barrier industries in the Lyon region were booming, which resulted in more orders and installations for our growing company.
Establishing Amco Les Escamotables
Mr Belaval, creator of the automatic retractable bollard, and Mr Murolo established Amco Les Escamotables in 1992, with the wish to innovate the market of perimeter security.
Developing the bollard range
Over the years, more and more bollard models were created by Amco Les Escamotables to meet various needs and fit different situations in terms of protection and safety.
Creating the anti-intrusion range
Amco Les Escamotables created the anti-intrusion range in 2002, in an effort to turn to safety of high-security, prestigious sites. The anti-vehicle rams were designed and tested in real-life conditions with certified crash-tests.
La Barrière Automatique, leader of the parking industry.
In the 2000s, Grégoire Harhoura took over the company built by his father and started to promote development of the intermediary range. The company carved themselves a strong place in the parking industry thanks to the LBA 63PK barrier.
Changes to the LBA sales mode
Major revolution in the company’s business model: La Barrière Automatique decided to rely on its network of installers and promote trusting relationships. It no longer carried out installations and transitioned to indirect sales.
Global benchmark for toll barriers
Over the years, LBA has strengthened its position on its core business. It’s constantly enhancing industrial know-how, to offer ever more effective and reliable products. This industrial challenge passed through innovation and the launch of the LBA 63PG barrier in 2008. The latter would make La Barrière Automatique the benchmark in the toll-gate industry.
Developing the anti-intrusion range (25 crash tests)
Whilst the anti-intrusion range was being developed, Amco Les Escamotables carried out dozens of certified crash tests, to insure best performance of its products. This made them a reference in this area in France.
LBA enters the pedestrian industry with the turnstiles range
The company kept on developing, to expand the range which would allow them to meet the demand in terms of perimeter protection. La Barrière Automatique launched its first pedestrian turnstiles in 2013.
Production capacity increased to 12000 barriers yearly.
For LBA, innovation never stops. In 2018, we expanded our facilities to allow us to reach a production capacity of 12,000 barriers per year. Our workshops have been organised according to our product ranges, in order to promote efficiency and reactivity for our clients.
Leading French manufacturer of perimeter security products
In 2019, La Barrière Automatique and Amco Les Escamotables decided to join forces and became the leading player in their market. The range became broader, from perimeter protection to high security sites, by way of creating innovative products, unique and patented, switching to protection and Smart City: Security by Design Innovation is at the heart of our approach.