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Discover Security By Design

Security by Design is the Design brand of the LBA group, which offers a full range of obstacles combining design and security. An innovative and patented concept allowing to respond to the challenges of site security, with crash tested products; but also to the needs of the city of tomorrow.

Faced with the issue of protecting citizens, the urban landscape is increasingly disfigured by a proliferation of anxiety-provoking products (anti-ram vehicle terminals).

Security by Design provides the innovative counter-terrorism solution. The safety terminals, crash-tested, become aesthetic urban furniture thanks to their covering, the connected functions of which facilitate their appropriation by the users.

A new product, which anticipates the need of the city of tomorrow: secure without worrying.

# 1 Secure

Security by Design above all makes it possible to secure sites with its fixed, secure anti-ram vehicle terminals that meet all the resistance classes established by international standards.

# 2: Offer a connected urban break

Design covers are a new offer perfectly integrated into the smart city: the public bench revisited in digital pause with screen as well as a possibility of induction charging for smartphones. A new city experience, offered by the shapes, materials and multifunctionality of our objects (smart city security terminals).

# 3: depollute and sanitize

Because cities now gather half of humanity, it is necessary to think about the
urban furniture of tomorrow in order to respond to the new issues brought by urban growth. This is why Security by Design goes further by offering a depolluting, sanitizing, antibacterial material. Street furniture therefore becomes self-cleaning. A fragrance diffusion is associated, for a healthy and relaxing olfactory experience.

# 4: appease the cityscape

Security by Design proposes to remove the anxiety-provoking effect caused by standard security bollards, without compromising any efficiency. The urban landscape of tomorrow is calm, however resistance to attacks by ram vehicles is guaranteed by our crash tests.